KBB Trade-In

Value Your Trade to Find Out What Your Car is Worth!

Whether you’re considering trading your car for credit, or you’d like to sell your car near Manhasset, use our trade-in calculator above to get KBB values by VIN number. Simply plug in your VIN number and fill out some additional info about your vehicle’s condition and any add-ons it features. Then, get in touch with our financiers to take the next step. But first, read on to learn more about what you can expect when trading your car in at Rallye Acura in Roslyn!

How to Trade or Sell Your Car at Rallye Acura

Once you value your trade and get a KBB value by VIN number to see what your car is worth, you’ll need an official inspection and appraisal to finalize the value. To do this, Garden City drivers should have their trade inspected by our service manager. Bring the quotes you received from our trade-in calculator, along with any other quotes you may have received from third parties like Edmunds.com. Before you bring your vehicle in for inspection, take care to clean your car, inspect and refurbish upholstery, and have any major repairs performed if you’d like to optimize your offer. After the inspection, we’ll make an offer, negotiate with you, and settle on a deal. You’ll then need to decide between taking cash or credit towards a new or used vehicle.

Have Questions About How to Sell Your Car Near Glen Cove?

If you have any questions about how to use our calculator to get KBB values by VIN number, so you can see what your car is worth, get in touch. You can call Rallye Acura at 516-508-9147. We can answer any questions you have about how to value your trade or the steps of selling or trading your car in Roslyn. In the meantime, explore our car buying tips for other helpful reads like our comparison between leasing and financing!