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Most drivers know that getting regular oil changes is important, and few mechanics know Acura vehicles as well as those who work at Acura dealerships like ours. With our regular service specials, our Acura Care package,* and regular oil change coupons, Rallye Acura aims to make high-quality service affordable for Port Washington and Manhasset drivers. If you think you’re saving money by putting off an oil change, read on and discover how you can save in our Roslyn service center.

The Importance of Changing Your Oil

Changing a car’s oil is probably the single most important part of routine maintenance, but why, exactly, is it so important? Well, automobiles are basically a collection of moving parts, and as these parts move against they each other, they generate friction and create heat. Oil is necessary to allow these parts to rub against each other smoothly, and it also absorbs the heat created by friction, thereby forestalling overeating.

The thing is, over time, oil starts to break down and loses its power to lubricate. While oil breaks down as it’s used, it eventually reaches a point where it doesn’t do much good at all – that’s why it’s important to have your oil changed regularly and to not put that oil change off.

Rallye Acura Offers Oil Change Coupons

While drivers understand the need to fill up their tanks, the cost of an oil change can sometimes feel like more of a burden. That’s why we regularly include oil change coupons among our service specials so you can have a technician familiar with Acura vehicles working on your car or crossover. When we work on your vehicle, we’ll use only OEM Acura parts and fluids so you can ensure your car is running exactly as the engineers at Acura intended.

Schedule Your Oil Change Today

One of the most common reasons we hear for a procrastinated oil change is “I don’t have the time.” We can sympathize; we all live busy lives these days. That’s why, for your convenience, you can schedule your service appointment at Rallye Acura using our online form. If you’re more of a spontaneous driver, feel free to drop by the service center and we will fit you in; be sure to let us know if you have any oil change coupons, too. Be sure to check out our guide to finding out how long tires last!

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