What is Your Acura Service Schedule?

June 27th, 2017 by


Just like anyone else, Acura drivers need to think carefully about maintaining their vehicle and keeping it in top condition. We’ve had drivers ask for their Acura service schedule before, and if you ever wonder how often your particular model needs a trip to our service center, you should check your owner’s manual. But we have a quick rundown of how often you should be keeping up with routine maintenance.

Routine Service Schedules

From oil changes to tire rotations, brake checks, and hose replacements, your Acura needs regular upkeep if it’s to stay in the best possible condition. Here are some important numbers to keep in mind:

  • 3,000-7,000 miles – First of all, you need to arrange for oil changes and oil filter replacements somewhere between 3,000 and 7,000 miles. (This will depend to some degree on the vehicle you’re driving.) Also, be sure to check the transmission fluid, too.
  • 15,000 to 30,000 miles – Somewhere in this range, you should replace the air filter and inspect the battery and cooling system. It’s a good idea to inspect your brakes and have your suspension looked at as well.
  • 35,000 to 50,000 miles – It’s in this range that many vehicles need key elements of their electrical systems serviced, with batteries and spark plugs often needing inspected if not replaced.
  • 60,000 miles – Once you’ve hit the 60,000-mile threshold, you should have hoses and belts inspected and expect to replace brake pads (if you haven’t already) and drain and replace brake fluid.

If you’re a particularly ambitious DIY mechanic, you might be able to take care of these services at home, but we always recommend drivers leave caring for their Acura to the pros. It’s why we have a service center staffed with Acura-trained technicians, and the Acura Accelerated Service Plan makes it so you can be in and out and back on the road in as little as half an hour for routine services.

Schedule Your Service Visit Today

If you have questions about your Acura Service Schedule, we would be happy to talk more with you. Why don’t you schedule a service appointment for your next oil change and we can look at anything else that might need inspecting!

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